Save Storage Space and Money with the High Voltage PTS-75 DC Hipot and MegOhmmeter

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It is important to test new cables first before installing them. While they are tested before they leave the factory, other factors like storage, transportation and age can affect their reliability. Installing cables without testing them increases the chance of putting a bad cable into operation. This can result in damage to other equipment and wasted time taking down the cables and installing a new ones.

One of the popular 
DC hipot testers on the market is the High Voltage PTS-75. This tester not only conducts the hipot test but can also measure insulation resistance. You can conduct insulation proofing and resistance measurements using one great tool. This lets you save money and storage space because you do not need to buy separate electrical test equipment. It has a 2 range voltage meter and 5 range current meter with a resolution of 10 nanoAmperes. It also features a Guard circuit and insulated Return to bypass leakage currents. The PTS-75 has several safety features like transient protection, zero start and external safety interlocks to protect the user and the tester.

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