Save Money on Maintenance Costs and in Repairs of Transformers by Renting Test Equipment

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Most transformers do not show signs of degradation until the problem is already worse. Terminal connections can weaken due to repeated heating and cooling cycles. Windings can deform due to constant exposure to heat. It is advised to regularly inspect transformers to ensure they are working at their peak efficiency. This also helps prolong the operating life of the transformers which saves you money on replacement costs.

Since transformers are commonly encased in tanks, defects cannot be detected without using specialized test equipment. Its output may remain constant even when there are internal defects. The transformer can continue to run then suddenly break down in the middle of its operation. Most testers used in detecting faults are 
AC hipot test sets, TDRs and power factor test sets. These tools help test the insulation and the internal components of the transformers. If you do not have complete diagnostic tools to carry out tests, you might want to consider renting instead. This way, you’d be able to use appropriate test instruments without buying new tools. Test equipment rentalsaves you money on maintenance costs and helps prevent future problems.

If you need a reliable partner in providing test equipment, consider Protec Equipment Resources. We offer a vast selection of diagnostic tools at affordable rental rates. Contact us for a complete listing of available testers.