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Save Money On Cable Certifications with the DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer

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It is important that your structured cabling system complies with the TIA/EIA-568-C and the ISO-11801:2002 certifications to ensure that it will meet current and future telecommunication standards. This will save you money on equipment upgrades if a new transmission standard is implemented. 

One of the industry standards in cable certification is the DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer from 
Fluke PowerDiagnostics. It allows you to test shielded and non-shielded twisted pair LAN cables. It has a full 2-way auto test of CAT 6 twisted pair links, CAT6A and ISO/IEC Class F links. It supports multiple test parameters like Length, Wire Map, Propagation Delay, DC Loop Resistance, Return Loss, Insertion Loss and more. Its inputs are protected against over voltage and over currents to prevent damage during testing. The DTX-1800 is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that lasts up to 14 hours and has an overmold to tolerate shocks. Its portability and durability makes it ideal for field applications.

Try out the DTX-1800 to learn how it can speed up cable certification. You can rent one from ProtecEquipment Resources. We also carry other cable test equipment to cater to your needs. Call us at 1-886-352-5550 for a rental estimate on the DTX-1800.