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Safety Tips in Conducting a Doble Power Factor Test

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You should make sure that high voltage insulators are well maintained to ensure safety. The common test done in insulators is a power factor test. This test helps determine the reliability and efficiency of insulators in transformers and motors. Doble equipment is one of the most popular tools used in conducting this test. That’s why sometimes engineers call this test a Doble power factor test. 

When carrying out a  power factor test, you need to consider some things to ensure safety during testing.

  •        Since this test involves injecting high voltages into the conductor, you need to ensure proper grounding and termination to prevent shocks and flash overs. You also need to wear proper gear and insulate yourself before starting the test. Improper preparation not only gives poor test results but also can harm you during testing.
  •        You should also ensure that the test sample is de-energized to prevent high currents from damaging your test equipment.
  •        Your test equipment should also be calibrated regularly. False test results can give a bad component a good reading. This can be dangerous and damage your power facility.

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