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Safety during AC or DC Hipot Testing

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Checking for good current connection is as simple as performing an AC or DC hipot test. Hipot testing allows for the correct measurement of flow through high voltage electrical circuits. This type of high voltage test equipment will ensure that current is not flowing from one place to another through isolation of circuit components. 

Diagnostic testing will find issues with insulation, stray wires, defective shielding or corrosive contamination. By performing hipot tests, companies can know that their equipment is operating correctly and safely without concern that it will experience system failure.

High potential tests or hipot tests are performed using an extremely high voltage. For safety reasons, the electrical test equipment must have a ground. To prevent the possibility of electric shock, all high voltage testing equipment should follow certain guidelines for worker safety and equipment protection.

  1.      First and foremost, workers should wear safety equipment such as insulated gloves and goggles.
  2.      Be sure to review the manufacturer’s procedures and guidelines.
  3.      Never touch cables during testing.
  4.      The current total must not exceed peak 5mA.
  5.      Never leave fault current running longer than 10mS.
  6.      Keep children away from electrical equipment particularly during testing
  7.      Make sure testing is complete before removing cable on the cable test equipment.
  8.      Never perform diagnostic tests if you have a health condition.

Protec’s first priority is your understanding of the correct use of test equipment rented from our warehouse. We clean and calibrate every unit prior to rental and make sure that all manuals and instructions are included with each piece of equipment. To find out about renting the equipment you need, call us today at 866.352.5550 or submit your information online so we can contact you.