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Safely Measure Speed of Motors and Rotating Machinery with the Monarch NovaStrobe Digital Tachometer

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Measuring rotational speeds of large motors using a contact tachometer can be very dangerous. There is a risk of you getting hurt especially if the motor suddenly malfunctions. If you want to safely measure rotational speed, you might be interested in the Monarch NovaStrobe Digital Strobe Tachometer.

The NovaStrobe Digital Strobe Tachometer allows you to measure speed of motors and also machinery without getting too close. It can measure rotational speed from 30 up to 20, 000 rpm. The flash strobe can be adjusted in 0.1 steps and also has coarse and fine adjustments. This lets you get the exact flash rate you need in measuring rotational speed. Its internal memory can store 6 values for future reference. It also has separate input and output TTL jacks so you can daisy-chain multiple strobe tachometers. It is controlled by a powerful microprocessor that ensures accurate control and measurements. This tachometer is a good addition to your 
electrical test equipmentbecause it can greatly help in motor and machinery diagnostics.

The Monarch NovaStrobe Digital Tachometer is available for rent from Protec Equipment Resources. We can also supply your test equipment from other brands like Fluke and Dranetz Power Measuring tools to cater to your needs. Contact us today and let an equipment specialist assist you.