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Safely Measure from mV to kV with the Fluke 190-204/S ScopeMeter

Fluke_190-204-SBe prepared for anything from micro-electronics to heavy duty medium voltage electrical applications with the Fluke 190-204/S ScopeMeter Test Tool as it offers a wide application range from mV to kV. The Fluke 190-204/S ScopeMeter’s independent isolated inputs eliminate the risk of accidental ground short circuits by allowing you to make measurements in mixed circuits with separate ground references.

The only IP-51-rated Scope on the Market, the Fluke 190-204/S allows you to take on the harshest conditions.

Rugged and shock-proof, the Fluke is a portable oscilloscope built for harsh environments. It’s sealed case protects it from dust, water vapor, drips, humidity and airborne pollutants ensuring reliable accurate performance every time you need it.

The Fluke 190-204/S ScopeMeter Test Tool features a built in multimeter to quickly and conveniently perform precise measurements.

Incorporating quad meter measurements via the 4-channel scope BNC inputs, the Fluke 190-204/S ScopeMeter Test Tool conveniently switches from waveform analysis to precise multimeter measurements using the built in 5000 count digital multimeter. Measurement functions include VDC, VAC, VAC + DC, resistance, continuity and diode test. Measure current and temperature using suitable shunt, probe or adapter with wide range of scaling factors.

This electrical test equipment is available for rent, lease, or purchase from Protec Equipment Resources. We are here to help you with your testing equipment needs.

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