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Safe Temperature Measurements with the Fluke 66 Non-Contact Thermometer

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Infrared thermometers are essential electrical test equipment used in measuring temperature of electrical components. This can be used to determine if running motors are operating withing their safety limits and to detect hot spots that might indicate partial shorts and overheating. This tool can give you a quick temperature measurement at a safe distance.

One of the good non-contact thermometers on the market is the 
Fluke 66 Infrared Thermometer. It can effectively measure temperature up to 760 Degrees Celsius. It has an adjustable emmisivity for accuracy and a laser guided sighting system for easy targeting. It also has an advanced optical system that allows it to target small objects accurately. It has a quick response time of equal or less than 0.5 second and a spectral response of 8 to 14 μm. It can be powered by a 9 Volt alkaline or a Nickel Cadmium rechargeable battery. If you want to try out one, consider test equipment rental. This way, you get to evaluate the features without paying for the tool’s whole retail price.

You can rent the Fluke 66 from Protec Equipment Resources. Aside from Fluke equipment, we also have other brands like Megger, Adwel, GE and Siemens in our inventory. Call us at 1-866-352-5550 for more details about the Fluke 66.