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Safe Temperature Measurement Using the Fluke ST60T Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

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Transformers and motors may heat up during operation. It is important to keep their operating temperature within the normal limits to avoid deterioration and eventual failure. Measuring their temperature may be difficult especially if they are located in hard-to-reach areas. It may also be dangerous to measure the temperature of a suspected faulty transformer in operation because of the risk of an explosion due to overheating.

To help you measure the temperature of various equipment or machinery, consider using a non-contact infrared thermometer. One of the popular thermometers on the market today is the ST60T Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer from Fluke Power Diagnostics Tools. This thermometer has a well-lit LCD screen that is easy to read even in poorly lit conditions. It also utilizes a highly accurate laser beam for easy targeting. This thermometer is lightweight and powered by batteries, making it suitable even for field measurements. It is also durable to be able to withstand rough handling.

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