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Safe Power Diagnosis with VLF Hipot Testing

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VLF hipot testing safely diagnoses whether power cables are able to handle any electricity running through them. Electricians prefer VLF over DC Hipot testing because it is safer and easier to use. The VLF method sends test voltage through a cable at a volt rate higher than the cable’s rating. If the cable is not useable, its defects will cause it to fail thus demonstrating that the cable is not viable.

VLF basically uses an AC output tester with a frequency lower than .1 HZ unlike DC testing of 50 to 60 hertz. It takes less power for this voltage level, and basically the system generates a pass or fail test. For economical and reliable results, most techs would agree that very low frequency test for high voltage diagnostics is the way to go.

Safety always comes first, and Protec is proud to offer a series of VLF and DC Hipot to meet your testing needs. With models from HV Diagnostics and High Voltage, you’ll find voltage frequencies of 0 to 200kV. We offer cost savings for long term equipment rental and can even provide inventory optimization service strategies designed to make equipment available when you need it with maintenance and repair included.