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Safe Dielectric Testing with VLF Hipot Method

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Cable insulation testing keeps systems operational so the stress testing provided through high potential tests helps to verify whether the insulation can stand up to its current rating. The VLF hipot or high potential test has become the preferred testing method for medium cable voltages and other electrical equipment. The VLF test doesn’t damage cables as with other testing methods because of the lower power used.

AC and DC hipot testing can potentially damage good insulation, shorten its operational abilities and can even cause treeing and flashovers because of the very high voltages.

VLF hipot, on the other hand, injects very low frequencies of sine wave energy to determine whether the electrical apparatus is able to withstand the proper amounts of current. This test method utilizes less power so that the design of the test equipment is more compact and portable.

Leading manufacturers of hipot testers include High Voltage Inc., Hipotronics and HV Diagnostics. We offer several models of test equipment through our rental and purchase program so give our 24 hour customer help line a call now to receive an affordable rental quote. 

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