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Safe Dielectric Oil Testing with Doble OTC

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In addition to coolants, the dielectric oil in transformers and capacitors serve as insulation to prevent power loss in electrical test equipment. Their strength lies in the ability to create heat dissipation in high voltage equipment. When these oils become impure with contaminants, moisture or rust, they can quickly lose insulator reliability leaving the electrical components within the conductors at risk of shorting and ultimately breaking down.

By performing regular tests on dielectric oils, companies can replace the oil as necessary to extend equipment’s operation life. Testing inside electrical components is dangerous even though the appropriate test only requires a small sample be held within testing cells during these high voltage tests.

The solution to safely testing dielectric oils is to use equipment such as the Doble OTC or oil test cell. This Doble tester holds the insulating oils so a high voltage test may be performed using capacitance, power factor and tan delta testing. When used with testers such as the Doble M4000, users have a comprehensive solution for thorough analysis of dielectric oils.

Here at Protec we offer Doble test equipment designed to meet your unique testing needs whether in the plant, laboratory or field. Contact us today to learn more about our large inventory available for short or long term rental.