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Rugged Power for Protection and Relay Tests with Doble F6150

High power is especially important for testing protection schemes. You need electrical test equipment  that offers sophistication while also providing plenty of flexibility to run the full gamut of simulation testing on schemes and relays. The Doble F6150 fits that mission by offering all that’s needed to test a broad spectrum of earth and ground relay faults as well as protection schemes for microprocessors. This comprehensive testing may be performed all from this one unit without the need to carry multiple pieces of equipment out in the field.

In fact, most field techs love the rugged portability his power simulator provides, and with its added flexibility to perform simulations for steady state, transient and dynamic state test, there’s no end to the usefulness of this vital instrument. Add in the onboard GPS capability, and the unit will perform synchronization with other remote F6150s with the touch of a button. As a stand-alone system, this Doble tasks on tough tasks, but its abilities increase when connected to computer via the Ethernet dock or USB port.

Try out this relay test set using our short or long term rental program that makes it easy to try before you buy. We offer affordable programs designed to supply the latest test equipment you need right on site to reduce your capital expenditures and provide access to equipment that makes life a whole lot easier. Give us a call today at (866) 352-5550 to learn more from our friendly support specialists.

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