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Renting Power Quality Analyzers – Helping You Win More Bids

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When you are bidding a job lots of things come into play.  Budget, manpower, skillset, and lots of other stuff.  One other factor that should dbe considered is equipment sourcing.

When it comes to including test equipment cost into your bid there are many things to think about.  The application, the customer budget, and the competition to name a few.  When you are bidding your inventory there is little flexibility.  But, when you have rental equipment available things suddenly change.  For example, if you are bidding on a job that requires quality analyzers, which do you choose?  Is it a Dranetz power quality analyzer, Hioki power meter, or something from the Fluke power quality family?  They all bring different things to the table from a price and technical standpoint.

Bids are competitive and becoming more so every day – wouldn’t it be helpful to bid the right equipment for the job, not what is your inventory? 

If you find yourself in this situation give us a call.  Our knowledge makes us a resource, our diversified locations minimize shipping costs, and our daily (truly one day) rental rates will help you control costs and improve profitability with rental equipment.

If you are interested in discussing further just give us a call and  see what we can do for you.