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Renting Equipment When One of Your Testers Fail

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When your test equipment suddenly fails, purchasing another one is sometimes not an option. If you have a limited budget on electrical maintenance, consider renting equipment instead. This lets you conduct important maintenance tests without spending that much.

Many facilities often have a set of test equipment ready for later use. However, if during a diagnostic test one of them fails, you can still continue conducting the test by renting one. Renting test equipment is a cost-effective service that lets you use expensive and advanced test equipment at a fraction of the cost. Most providers carry a wide selection of test equipment like 
circuit breaker timer test sets, earth testers, TDRs  and SFRAs. This gives you a lot of options to choose from depending on your preference. Most providers also offer same day shipping to address emergency situations quickly. So even you’re on a difficult electrical situation and you need equipment, the rental company will be able to supply the testers you need.

Protec lets you rent high quality test equipment at affordable rates. We offer equipment from major manufacturers like GE, Siemens, Fluke and Megger to cater to your needs. Contact us today if you have questions about our test equipment rental options.