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Renting Compared to Owning Electrical Test Equipment

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Expenses on storage, calibration and maintenance are some of the disadvantages of owning test equipment. Also after a while, the performance and its market value declines over time. This means if you plan to upgrade your equipment, you won’t be able to sell the them at your ideal price.

Owning test equipment incurs a lot of expenses after purchasing. If you want to trim down your company’s expenses, you should consider renting 
high voltage test equipment when carrying out scheduled maintenance works. This lets you use advanced tools and reduce costs on your maintenance expenses. Many companies offer excellent rental services with a wide selection of tools in their inventory. Protec is one of the leading providers of test equipment that offers affordable rental services. Same day shipping is also offered to address emergency situations immediately. This is ideal for fast-paced businesses where time is a critical factor. You also get the best technical support that will assist you if ever you encounter problems with the equipment or during testing. 

Rent tools like a DC hipot testers, TDRs, SFRAs and more at rates you can easily afford. Contact ustoday for a complete list of equipment available in our inventory.