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Renting Before Buying Test Equipment for Protective Devices

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When protective devices like fault relays or circuit breakers fail to open during an overload, your electrical can breakdown. This is not only dangerous but can put a serious dent in your company budget. Just think of the long hours of troubleshooting, labor expenses and equipment replacements. 

It is important to schedule major maintenance checks every quarter to ensure that your system is in good condition. A small investment can save you a lot on expenses and prevent safety hazards. If you are thinking of getting test equipment like a 
relay test set or a circuit breaker timer, try renting first to determine if these tools are a good investment. You don’t want to spend on equipment that doesn’t meet the needs of your electrical facility. What seems to be an investment can turn into a liability.

Looking for a reliable equipment provider can be difficult especially with the number of rental companies available. You might want to consider renting from Protec Equipment Resources. Aside from equipment rentals, you get knowledgeable support in case you encounter a bump during diagnostics. If you want to learn more about our services, contact us and let us discuss your rental options.