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Renting a Circuit Breaker Test Set Before Purchasing

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Engineers know the importance of circuit breakers as these devices are needed to ensure safety in electrical systems. Overloaded conditions can cause catastrophic damage to equipment attached to the power facility. It is very important to test power interrupters to ensure it will do its job if something goes wrong in the power line. 

A circuit breaker test set is a test instrument used to diagnose protective devices like open frame circuit breakers and molded case relays for defects or deviations in their ratings. What it does is simulate the operating condition of the device and injects a trip signal to the device. This is to ensure that the protective device will operate properly.

If you are thinking of investing in a test set for your circuit breakers, it would be best to look around for the best model that gives the best value for your money. This lets you maximize your operational costs and prevents you regretting from choosing a poorly made tester. You should consider renting from a test equipment rental company to let you evaluate its features.
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