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Rent Vanguard’s EZCT Automatic CT test sets from Protec Today

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Keeping transformers operational requires regular testing to prevent power interruption and possible damage to electrical equipment systems. When transformers fail, it can often be due in part to heat exposure over long periods of operational time. By scheduling a system of regular diagnostic testing for transformers, problems are detected early thus helping to extend the life of this important equipment while also reducing the chance of accidents.

Vanguard’s EZCT Automatic CT test sets accurately measure what is going on inside transformers. Their  durable automated system can test turns ratio, winding polarity and excitation current without the need for bushing or current transformer removal all using a microprocessor based process. The Vanguard EZCTs allow simplified testing in the field with results printed using the onboard thermal printer or stored for later retrieval using a PC or laptop.

Excitation testing is accomplished with variable test voltages up to 1,200 Vac to the current transformer’s secondary windings. CT ratio and polarity tests move voltage on the X terminals and are then measured via the H1 and H2 terminals. Results display right on the LCD screen and data is stored in the unit’s memory for later download or printing.  

Vanguard_Ezct-10EZCT-10 Automatic CT Test Set




VanguardEZCT2000aEZCT-2000A Automated CT Test Set





VanguardEZCT2000bEZCT-2000B Automated CT Test Set




VanguardEZCT2000cEZCT-2000C Plus Automated CT Test Set


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