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Rent Today from Protec –  Square D S33595 Secondary Injection Test Set

Square D by Schneider S33595 Secondary Injection Test SetSquare D by Schneider S33595 test applications include Secondary Injection, Manual Trip Curve, Automatic Trip Curve, Zone-Selective Interlocking, Ground-Fault and Thermal-Imaging Inhibit.

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A full function test set, the Square D by Schneider S33595 Secondary Injection Tester is designed to perform tests on Micrologic, NT and STR Trip units, and consists of a signal-injection box which can be used alone or with a supporting personal computer (PC). The optional test kit software is compatible with Windows® 95, 98 and Windows NT® operating systems.



Square D S33595 Technical Specifications





120 Vac Applications

2 A, 250 Vac, Fast-blow

(Recommended Fuse: Bussman Part No. AGC-2)

230 Vac Applications

1 A, 250 Vac, Fast-blow

(Recommended Fuse: Bussman Part No. AGC-1)

Nominal Operating Voltage

115–230 Vac

Operating Voltage Range

102–144 Vac

207–253 Vac

Operating Frequency

50 Hz

60 Hz

Operating Temperature

-20–50 °C


Storage Temperature

-20–60 °C


24 Vdc Power

Nominal Voltage

24 Vdc


22.8–25.2 Vdc

Maximum Output Current

100 mA

Trip Time Measurement


±5 mS


1 mS


0–3000 sec.

Fault Signal

Voltage Source

Accuracy (Percent Error in Amplitude + Percent Error in Frequency)


Nominal Frequency

60 Hz

Amplitude Range

0.031–21.5 at 60 Hz Vrms

Current Source



Amplitude Range

0.020–2.3 Amperes dc

Installation Category (Overvoltage Category)

Category II

Maximum Power Rating

60 W

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