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Rent the Zensol Recloser Control Analyzer – GEN-6 from Protec Today

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Zensol_gen6The Zensol Recloser Control Analyzer – GEN-6 is a universal recloser control analyzer designed to test all types of recloser cabinet controllers.

Connected to the appropriate interfaces, the Zensol Recloser Control Analyzer – GEN-6 can test: Mc Graw-Edison, Cooper reclosers type F3, F4, F5, FXB, DC NOVA, as well as the ESV Westinghouse, Joslyn 351J, ABB PCD2000, Schweitzer SEL-351R models or any equivalent other type. 

It is designed to replace all old electronic recloser control testers, and the Zensol Recloser Control Analyzer – GEN-6 is driven with the Gen Win software. 

Zensol Recloser Control Analyzer – GEN-6 application:

• Measuring of the response time of the protection curves

• Measuring of reclosing intervals

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