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Rent the Vanguard TRM-403 For Any Low Resistance Measurements

vanguard_trm_-403-01The Vanguard TRM-403 Transformer Resistance Meter can provide a fast and stable reading of very large transformers by utilizing a 60Vdc power supply.

The Vanguard TRM-403 ‘s test current is selectable from 1A to 40A, can accurately measure resistance from 1 micro-ohm to 500 Ohms, and can be used as a yes

micro-ohm meter to measure EHV circuit breaker contact resistance, or for any low resistance measuring application.

The meter also has a “make-before-break” test mode that can be used to test the Load Tap Changer (LTC) or Voltage Regulator contact test sequence.

The Vanguard TRM-403 produces a “Dynamic-Resistance” graph of the LTC or Voltage regulator contact under operation. An opened contact can be detected visually from this resistance chart.

The TRM’s built-in LTC/Voltage regulator can be used to conveniently change the LTC/voltage regulator tap position from the meter’s front panel.

User Interface
The meter features a back-lit graphic LCD screen (128 x 64 pixels) that is clearly visible in both bright sunlight and low light levels.

Computer Interface
The Vanguard TRM-403 can be connected to a PC via the unit’s RS-232C, USB, or Bluetooth interface. A PC can be used to control the TRM-403 to perform transformer resistance tests.

Safety Features
The meter automatically dissipates the energy stored in the transformer at the end of each test. The discharge circuit will continue to work even if the Vanguard TRM-403 power supply is lost.

Test Record Storage
The meter can store up to 256 static test records (111 tests per record) and 120 dynamic test records internally.

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