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Rent the Vanguard Circuit Breaker Test Set

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Circuit breakers sit in the basement or the lowest floor of a building. They are a huge improvement over the earlier technology of the fuse. The circuit breaker and the fuse serve the same function. They keep the electrical equipment of a building from overloading. The breakers do this without complaint for year after year. 

When a fuse blows, the building owner has no choice but to replace the fuse. When a circuit breaker’s switch gets flipped, the user simply has to move the switch back to the on position. A circuit breaker may not have to be replaced as frequently as a fuse, but it does happen. Using a
circuit breaker test set can let property owners know if one of the breakers needs replacement.

A Vanguard test for circuit breakers along with a circuit breaker timer can help the user determine if the breaker is operational or if he needs a new circuit breaker. The average person can rent this piece of electrical test equipment and learn how to properly use it. Many homeowners may want to hire expert electrical professionals to handle testing of electrical apparatus due to the inherent risk involved with equipment of this type especially with regard to repairs.

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