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Rent the Vacuum Interrupters CBT-1202 from Protec Today

Vacuum Interrupters CBT-1202 Circuit Breaker TimerThe Vacuum Interrupters CBT-1202 Circuit Breaker Timer is a self-contained, multi-use test set designed to operate and interact with all types of circuit breakers. Incorporating a digital timer to capture and store trip, close and bounce times. It is a handy, field portable test set that incorporates a power supply for energizing the charging motor in spring loaded circuit breakers while outside their cubicle.  The CBT-1202 also has provides users with controls for tripping and closing the breaker, and features a unique cable set which speeds and simplifies connections to the breaker under test.

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The power supply incorporated in the CBT-1202 provides a 0-120VAC and 0-125VDC output for charging circuit breakers that are spring charged while outside their cubicle. There are also provisions for accepting and distributing variable voltages from an external power supply.

The charging power supply and breaker operational switching are frequently used features even when working on a breaker when the timer function is not required.

The built-in timer records breaker opening, closing and trip times; and 10 test results can be stored in the internal memory.

Unique, pre-wired 15-foot cable assemblies provide simple, fast connection to the circuit breaker under test. In addition to a universal cable set, breaker specific cable sets are also available for testing GE PowerVac (Vacuum Interrupters CBT GE PowerVac Breaker) and Eaton/Westinghouse/Cutler-Hammer VCP-W. Other pre-wired cable sets are available for all types of circuit breakers.

Compact and lightweight, the Vacuum Interrupters CBT-1202 Circuit Breaker Timer is ideally suited for both field and shop use.

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