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Rent the Siemens BDA Plus to Read and Change SENTRON Circuit Breakers

Siemens Breaker Data Adapter Plus (BDA Plus)Used to read and change the parameters of the SENTRON WL and SENTRON VL circuit breakers, the Siemens Breaker Data Adapter Plus (BDA Plus) displays measured values, as well as visualizes, analyzes, and stores diagnostic data.

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All essential display software is supplied with the circuit breaker data directly from the Siemens Breaker Data Adapter Plus, and appropriate help pages are also stored directly in the BDA, which means they are always available when needed.

The BDA can be used with all Windows versions, Linux, and all other operating systems, as comprehensive use of Java technology ensures the system can operate regardless of the operating system.

Smaller hand-held devices with PocketPC as the operating system can also be used as can PCs or notebooks, provided they fulfill the system requirements.

The way the data is structured and formatted for display in the BDA and Switch ES Power is largely identical, therefore all pages have the same look and feel.

Memory formats for storing and documenting the circuit-breaker parameters have been set and are identical to those in Switch ES Power. Files generated in Switch ES Power can also be transmitted to the circuit-breaker and vice versa using the BDA, saving time and effort in documenting data and making it easier to replace circuit-breakers.

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