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Rent the Raytech TR-SPY Mark III for Precision Laboratory Measurements

Raytech TR-SPY Mark III Three Phase TTR (Transformer Turns Ratio)Transformers are simple devices in concept, with two coils of insulated wire wound in close proximity on an iron core (windings). One wire (primary) is connected to a power source, such as the utility or a generator. The other wire (secondary) provides power, “transformed” in some way, to the load. Energy transfer from one wire to the other is through magnetic induction. 

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The more “turns” there are to the winding, the more impedance it offers, and the higher the voltage that is generated across it, but at the expense of current. If the secondary has more turns than the primary, voltage is increased relative to the primary while current is less.

Utilized for routine maintenance, acceptance testing and investigating the core, windings, and tap changer settings of transformers, the Raytech TR-SPY Mark III Three Phase TTR (Transformer Turns Ratio) is perfect for detecting common problems, such as:  

  • Shorted turns & turn errors
  • Defective or incorrect tap settings
  • Mislabeled terminals & nameplates
  • Degradation of performance due to aging

The Raytech TR-SPY Mark III is a fully automatic instrument that can perform precision laboratory measurements, as well as automatically measuring:

  • Turns Ratio
  • Voltage Ratio
  • Excitation Current
  • Phase Relationship
  • Phase Displacement

The Raytech TR-SPY Mark III only requires a single hook-up to the transformer to run a complete series of tests, as all connections of various transformer configurations are accomplished internally, and offers one of the widest ratio ranges available (0.8 – 13,000) and has the highest accuracy of any Automatic Three Phase Ratiometer (0.15%) available.

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This electrical test equipment is available for rent, lease, or purchase from Protec Equipment Resources. We are here to help you with your testing equipment needs.

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