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Rent the Omicron TESTRANO 600 Three-phase Power Transformer Test Set

Omicron TESTRANO 600 Three-phase Power Transformer Test SystemThe Omicron TESTRANO 600 Three-phase Power Transformer Test System is a portable, three-phase power transformer test system, which supports most common electrical tests on power transformers for routine and diagnostic testing onsite or during factory acceptance tests (FAT).

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By using Omicron TESTRANO 600 you can perform various tests on power transformers without re-connecting. The three integrated sources speed up testing as tests can be done on all three phases simultaneously. Thus, TESTRANO 600 cuts down testing time to one third compared to testing times with conventional single-phase test sets.

Omicron TESTRANO 600 features:

• Powerful device (3x 33 A DC and 400 V AC)

• One setup for multiple tests, less re-connecting

• Three times faster testing

• Active discharge function for increased efficiency and safety during testing

• Fast and reliable demagnetization

• Portable and compact “one-box” solution (20 kg / 44 lbs)


Omicron TESTRANO 600 applications:

Perform the following electrical standard tests with the TESTRANO 600:

• Transformer turns ratio

• Exciting current

• DC winding resistance

• Dynamic resistance (DRM)

• Short-circuit impedance / leakage reactance

• Frequency response of stray losses (FRSL)

• Power/dissipation factor and capacitance (with CP TD1 accessory)

• Demagnetization

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