Rent the Megger MWA330A 3-Phase TTR, Winding Resistance Analyzer

Megger MWA330A 3-Phase Transformer Turns Ratio and Winding Resistance AnalyzerThe Megger MWA330A 3-Phase Transformer Turns Ratio and Winding Resistance Analyzer is an advanced 3-phase transformer test system that provides complete ratio, phase and winding resistance measurements with only one 3-phase lead-set connection.

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Once connected, the Megger MWA330A performs DC resistance measurements on all high- and low-side windings without reconnection. It has an 8-terminal/6-winding resistance measurement capability and doesn’t need any inter-connected boxes, allowing for testing on all 6 windings without having to disconnect and reconnect leads.

The MWA330A saves even more time by using a single software platform, PowerDB, allowing for only one set-up and one easy-to-use test form.

The MWA330A can be used effectively to test power transformers, distribution transformers, CTs and VTs, and motors and generators.

The following tests are easily performed with the MWA330A, and a single 3-phase lead set connection:

  •   3-phase turns ratio
  •   3-phase winding resistance
  •   OLTC continuity (make-before-break)
  •   3 phase core demagnetization
  •   Magnetic balance / flux distribution
  •   Excitation current
  •   Polarity and phase angle deviation
  •   Auto vector detection
  •   Heat-run test

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