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Rent the Megger DET4TD Earth Tester from Protec

Ground or earth faults are the common cause of fire and electrical shock on personnel. The effectiveness of a ground connection can be affected by environmental factors like the weather. Regular testing ensures that everything is in good condition and functioning within the normal limits.

Electrical grounds should meet a specific resistance range to be considered within normal limits. Depending on the application, the normal ground resistance is usually 25 ohms or lower.

Megger DET4TDThe Megger DET4TD Earth Tester is a high performance ground tester which features two, three and four point ground testing. It has a selectable 25 volts and 50 volts voltage output.

It is capable of measuring resistances from 0.01 Ohms to 20 Kilo Ohms and earth voltages of up to 100 volts. The Megger DET4TD Earth Tester has a built-in system that rejects interference of up to 40 volts peak to peak. The tester has a large LCD display for easy readings. The Megger DET4TD Earth Tester is built with strict safety standards and is rated Category IV 100V.

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