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Rent the Iris Power RIV800 for Rotor-in-Place Generator Inspection

Iris Power RIV800 Robotic Camera Inspection VehicleThe magnetically supported Iris Power RIV800 Robotic Camera Inspection Vehicle has been developed to provide an automated scanning method for the ELCID stator core interlaminar insulation test equipment.

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The Vehicle allows scanning of the stator core of a generator or large motor, in order to test the integrity of the stator lamination insulation more efficiently. The equipment can also be adapted to carry other lightweight attachments for stator inspection including the mini-camera or wedge tightness probe. A single control unit is used to provide power and control to the vehicle and camera module.

The RIV800 is primarily designed for automated testing of stator cores with the EL CID while the rotor is removed. However, it can also be used to test machines by insertion into the air-gap with the rotor in place if the gap between the rotor retaining ring and the stator is sufficiently large. 

Iris Power RIV800 Robotic Camera Inspection Vehicle features:

• Reduce overall cost of maintenance by providing faster testing with only one operator

• Reduce human fatigue, stress and accessibility concerns

• Fits into the air gap for rotor-in-place testing

• Operates with ELCID, Stator Wedge Analyzer and Camera systems

• Magnetically self supporting on steel surface

• Guidance system detects the edges of the stator teeth to follow a straight line and measures distance using an encoder wheel.

• Curvature adjustment accommodates the tractor in stator cores of various sizes

• AUTO mode allows the RIV to stop at a pre-set distance 


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