Rent the High Voltage TDB-60 60 kiloVolt Tan Delta Bridge from Protec

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Tan Delta testing is a method of detecting cable problems usually done to new cables as part of final quality control. It can also be done to repaired cables to ensure that it is safe to use again. Getting the right test equipment is important because inaccurate measurements can lead to accidents and damage to other electrical components.

Old XLPE, PE and PR cables are often prone to moisture formation. This causes partial discharges on the insulator and damages it. It will still continue to operate but will eventually fail after a while. Tan Delta testing can be used to detect the presence of contaminants and the extent of damage. A Tan Delta bridge and VLF hipot is used for this assessment. One of the most reliable Tan Delta Bridges on the market is the High Voltage TDB-60 60 kiloVolt Tan Delta Bridge. It features a voltage range of 0 to 60 kiloVolts peak at a frequency of 0.01 to 0.2 Hertz. It has a sophisticated software that measures the loss angle, current, voltage and the frequency. 

The TDB-60 60 kiloVolt Tan delta bridge is available for rent through Protec. We carry high voltage test equipment and other equipment from major brands. Contact us today for details on affordable test equipment rental offers.