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Rent the Fluke 190-204/S ScopeMeter for Waveform Analysis and More

Fluke 190-204/S ScopeMeter Test ToolOscilloscopes are essential tools when it is necessary to measure and view electrical waveforms, or relieve oscillations caused by regenerative feedback in electronic circuits.

Most older oscilloscopes use CRT screens and have bulky control electronics. With the modernization of electronics, there are now portable devices that allow them to be carried anywhere.

The Fluke 190-204/S ScopeMeter Test Tool is a double-insulated four-channel floating oscilloscope, safety rated for measurements in CAT III 1000V/CAT IV 600V environments.

Three-dimensional testing for industrial systems

Inspect input signals, output feedback loops or safety interlocks simultaneously to find a range of problems including:

• Circuit voltage/current overloading

• Signal timing measurements and synchronization issues

• Attenuation/input impedance mismatch

• Signal fluctuation/drift

Three-phase testing for diagnosing VSD, power inverters, and converters

• Test for harmonics, transients and loads at the three-phase power input

• Troubleshoot dc to ac converters for faulty IGBT gates or filter circuits

• Test PWM output for reflections and transients or voltage unbalance      

Standard probes that cover a wide application range from mV to kV prepare you for anything from micro-electronics to heavy duty medium voltage electrical applications. Independent isolated inputs eliminate the risk of accidental ground short circuits by allowing you to make measurements in mixed circuits with separate ground references.

Rugged and shock-proof, the Fluke 190-204/S ScopeMeter Test Tool is built for harsh environments. Its sealed cases protect it from dust, water vapor, drips, humidity and airborne pollutants, ensuring reliable accurate performance every time you need it.  

Conveniently switch from waveform analysis to precise multimeter measurements using the built in 5000 count digital multimeter. Measurement functions include Vdc, Vac, Vac+dc, resistance, continuity and diode test. Measure current and temperature using suitable shunt, probe or adapter with wide range of scaling factors.   


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