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Rent the Fluke 123 2 Channel 20 Megahertz Oscilloscope Today

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Oscilloscopes are essential tools in trouble shooting electrical problems caused by waveform distortions or phase problems. This allows you to capture the waveform of the electricity flowing in an electrical component. 

The Fluke 123 2 channel 20 MegaHertz oscilloscope is a handy tool used for visualizing electrical waveforms in electrical systems. It is battery powered so you can carry it anywhere which makes it ideal for field applications. It has a large LCD screen where it displays the waveform and other results. This reduces the need for paper print outs or bulky CRT monitors. It gives you the option to adjust the sample rate from 1 reading per hour up to 1000 readings per hour. It can handle input voltages of up to 300 Volts and can tolerate transient over-voltages of up to 1600 Volts. This protects it from damage due to sudden voltage spikes on noisy lines.

The Fluke 123 2 channel 20 MegaHertz oscilloscope is available for rent from Protec. We also have other Fluke power quality testing tools, Megger diagnostic tools, Vanguard test equipment and more from major manufacturers. We offer long-term and short-term equipment rental deals.Contact us for more information on our equipment available for rent and your rental options.