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Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer Power Quality AnalyzerThe Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer Power Quality Analyzer is a top of the line PQ monitoring system, and offers high speed transient capture capabilities, so you’ll never miss an event. 

The Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer Power Quality Analyzer offers the best in class monitoring capabilities available. It measures to all current industry standards, including IEC 61000-4-30 Class A, IEC 61000-4-7, IEEE 1159, IEEE 519, IEEE 1459, and more.

With its high speed transient data capture (1 microsecond/channel) capabilities, this 8-channel workhorse simultaneously captures and characterizes thousands of parameters, by using a range of standard and customizable operating modes. The unique measurement capabilities of the Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer Power Quality Analyzer include:

• Capture of low-medium-high frequency transients through peak

• Waveshape

• RMS duration

• Adaptive high-speed sampling

• Power measurements to clearly characterize harmonics, non-sinusoidal, and unbalanced systems

The Intelligent AnswerModule® feature of the Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer Power Quality Analyzer provides consultant-like analysis of sag directivity, capacitor switching transient identification/directivity and motor analysis/reporting.

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