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Rent the AEMC 6416 to Measure Ground Electrode System Resistance

AEMC 6416 Clamp On Ground Resistance TesterWhen verifying grounding resistance, a clamp-on tester makes it simple by simply clamping the sensor around the connection at the ground rod, and reading the resistance on the display of the instrument.

This method of resistance testing offers several advantages over the commonly used fall-of-potential method.

  • It is not necessary to disconnect the ground rod from the system, which eliminates a potential safety hazard.
  • No auxiliary rods need to be driven which saves time and money.
  • This test method includes the bonding and overall connecting resistance, which is not available with other methods.
  • An additional benefit is the ability to measure leakage current flowing through the grounding system.


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The AEMC 6416 Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester measures ground rod and grid resistance and impedance without the use of auxiliary rods. 

6416 applications:

  • Ground electrode system resistance
  • Bonding/continuity checks
  • Cell tower grounding verification
  • Ground measurements on Railroad signaling systems

The 6416 includes a high sensitivity measurement function enabling measurement of leakage current flowing to ground or circulating in ground loops from 0.2mA to 40A and resistances from 0.01 to 1500Ω. 

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