Rent Preventative Maintenance Equipment

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No matter what industry or business you are in, you rely on electricity and cable internet services to be delivered in a safe and timely manner whether by wiring, cables or batteries. Preventative maintenance can keep the life blood of your business on line instead of paying employees to wait on repairs to made while the non-productive hours tick away and your customers are left in limbo, eating up your profits. 

Problems with wiring insulation can rarely be detected by visual inspections. 
A Megger meter test can locate a small problem and reduce the chance of it becoming a much bigger and more costly problem, thus providing a good return on your investment. 

For call centers and businesses that rely on cable internet services, cable lines can be tested. Battery impedance test equipment can be used to weed out batteries that need recharging and keep you ready for an emergency.

Megger testers and battery testing equipment needs regular and proper calibration to assure that test results are accurate. We take care of cleaning, calibrating and maintenance so that you can focus on using it.  Since many of our customers only use this equipment occasionally, we offer daily, weekly, or monthly rental to save you the cost of purchasing and maintaining the equipment yourself. Contact us online or call our 24 hour support line for more information.