Rent Power Quality Analyzers Before Buying to Help You Get the Best Model

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Power line distortion is one of the major problems in modern buildings due to the number of non-linear loads attached to the system. Buildings with several computers and fluorescent lamps causes a significant distortion to the power line. The bad effects of low power quality is like a domino effect and affects a lot of components in the system. 

Technicians check distortion in the power line with 
power quality analyzers. This lets the maintenance team do necessary compensation to the power line to help suppress the distortion. If you need to get one for your facility, you should consider several factors to ensure it meets your needs. You can choose analyzers from Hioki power instruments, Megger and Fluke. These brands have several models that are mostly used in industrial applications because of their reliability. You should also opt for a model that doesn’t have too many features that you may not need. You might want to consider renting first so your team can assess the features of the analyzer before buying it. This helps your get the best model that gives the best value for your money.

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