Rent or Buy Decisions: When To Buy Equipment

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For infrequent and unplanned maintenance needs, managers and engineers often rely on test equipment rental services. If you are one of these people, you’ve probably thought of buying your own equipment at some point. If you haven’t done so, you’re probably in a rent-buy scenario where you feel the need to buy equipment but aren’t sure if the equipment will be worth the money. Here are some factors you may consider to help you reach a decision. 


How often will your maintenance team use the equipment? Computing for the amount you will pay every time you rent 
high voltage test equipment and the selling price of the equipment may help you weigh your options.  If the sum of the rental fees is more than the selling price of the equipment, it may be wiser to just buy the equipment. 

Maintenance Cost

One of the reasons renting is preferred by many businesses is that it eliminates equipment maintenance costs. However, if equipment maintenance is just a fraction of a price as compared with regularly renting equipment, you might want to consider getting your own. 


So, you’ve decided to stop renting and start buying equipment. The next thing you have to consider is to invest your money in the right device. Choosing equipment you can use for more than one task will increase the usability of the equipment, which translates to more savings. 

Protec Equipment Resources is ready to help you make your choice. Contact us today for a list of available equipment you can rent or buy.