Rent Megger Insulation Testers from Protec

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Cables with contaminants can lower the resistance of the insulator. This loads down the electrical system and increases the power losses. It can also be a source of electrical fires and shock hazards. You should keep it in good condition to prevent effects from disrupting its operation.

After several years of operation, cable insulation tends to degrade because of natural weathering. Dirt,moisture, grease and other contaminants accumulate and affect the reliability of the cable. To prevent the bad effects of poor insulation and to prolong its operating life, regular diagnostics should be conducted. Insulation resistance is one of the diagnostic tests carried out to determine the reliability of the insulation. It measures resistances from several megaOhms up to several terraOhms. The common tool used is a Megger insulation tester. Due to the years of expertise in electrical diagnostics, many engineers and technicians prefer these tools. They are also designed to be able to tolerate rough handling which makes them ideal for industrial applications.

If you need Megger test equipment or other test instruments, you might want to consider renting from Protec Equipment Resources. We offer long term and short term rental rates to suit your needs. Contact us if you have questions about our equipment rental services.