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Rent Megger DET62D Today

Ground connections serve as a return-path and also protect personnel from getting an electrical shock in case the insulator of the device fails. Ground resistance meters measure the resistance of the ground stake and the earth. A good connection should have minimal resistance. Loose connections and dry soil can cause poor contact which gives a high ground resistance reading.

Megger DET62DThe Megger DET62D Ground Resistance Test Kit is a high performance, fully automatic three terminal ground resistance meter that can measure resistances from 100 Milli Ohms up to 2 Kilo Ohms.

It has a built-in noise rejection circuitry that prevents noise of up to 40 volts peak to peak from interfering with the readings. The Megger DET62D Ground Resistance Test Kit has a battery-saving feature that automatically shuts off the device when not in use. This device is suitable for outdoor use because of its rugged construction and waterproof case. The reading can be viewed on its large LCD screen. It has a test voltage output of 50 volts peak to peak with a current of 1 Milli ampere at 128 Hertz.

Protec Equipment Resources offers the Megger DET62D Ground Resistance Test Kit for rent. You can rent Megger test equipment and other high voltage test equipment. If you are interested, give us a call and get a quote on test equipment rental.

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