Rent Megger Battery Testing Equipment from Protec

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Many equipment rely on batteries to operate and they should be tested regularly to ensure reliable operation. Faulty batteries can load down other cells in the battery bank and affect their operating life. If you need test equipment for cells, you might want to consider renting to save you money. Rentals lets you use high quality equipment with minimum expenses.

Battery testers assess the condition of the plates and the electrolyte by passing an alternating current through the cell. High resistance to alternating current means the cells are deteriorating. Most of the commonly used  battery testers are from Megger test equipment. Megger offers several models of 
battery testing equipment like the BITE-2P and the 246002. These models are popular because it offers ample features to test most batteries used in electrical facilities or automotive applications. They’re also portable for convenient testing in the field. If you are interested in getting one, you need to prepare for the hefty price tag. But this shouldn’t discourage you. You can rent one and still carry out battery assessments.

You can check out the Megger battery testers from Protec. They are available for rent at various terms to meet your needs. Contact us today for more details on the available battery testers for rent.