Rent High Voltage PFT-1003CM AC Hipot Today

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AC hipot or alternating current high potential testing is usually conducted on cables to determine if it can withstand an over voltage for a specific period of time. A good insulator should at least be able to withstand 2-3 times its rated voltage. This stress test applies a high voltage and either the insulation passes or breaks down.

The PFT-1003CM from High Voltage Incorporated is an AC hipot that features a capacitive load compensation that enables the device to test at full load and operate with normal line voltage with a current draw of 1.5 kVA. It has two kilo volt meter ranges and three current output meter ranges. It also features variable output voltage output, zero start safety interlock, external safety interlock, over current protection that automatically resets, ground return mode, enforced glass windows. This tester is built to be tough and be reliable even on harsh working condition. It is lightweight and compact that makes it suitable for outdoor testing. This device is suitable for testing transformers, motors, generators, switch gears, bushings, lightning arrestors and other electrical components.

You can rent the PFT-1003CM hipot from Protec Equipment Resources. We also offer other high voltage equipment. Give us a call for more details on our test equipment rental schemes.