Rent Eaton Cutler Hammer Handheld Battery Powered Testers From Protec

Eaton-Cutler-Hammer_70C1056G52When using the Eaton Cutler Hammer 70C1056 and 70C1056G52 Functional Test Kits, a functional local test of the trip unit’s primary electronic circuitry and the circuit breaker’s mechanical tripping action can be verified through the trip unit’s test port receptacle. The types of tests that can be done are trip unit Power Up, Long Time Trip, Instantaneous Trip, Short Delay Trip, and Ground (Earth) Fault Trip.

The Eaton Cutler Hammer 70C1056 and 70C1056G52 Functional Test Kit are handheld battery powered testers capable of testing trip elements for Digitrip family of Magnum power circuit breaker trip units. 

The Digitrip 520 family includes the Digitrip 220+, 520, 520i, 520M, 520Mi, 520MC and 520MCi. In addition they can test the Digitrip1150 family consisting of the Digitrip 1150, 1150i and Digitrip 1150V and 1150Vi by overlaying a nameplate on the tester. 

An Auxiliary Power Module is included to provide trip unit power to illuminate the trip units having display LEDs. 

The molded case Digitrip 310+ circuit breakers can also be tested with the Eaotn Cutler Hammer 70C1056G52.  The 70C1056G52 kit adds the Digitrip 310+ overlay and a different test cable assembly supplied in the kit.

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