Rent Doble Test Equipment for Insulation Reliability Analysis

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It is vital for an electrical system facility to have good insulation to ensure the safety and continuous service of the facility. Regular insulation testing allows electricians to find faults before they cause too much trouble. Power factor testing is the common method of testing cable insulation, motors and transformers. This test method ensures that the insulation is reliable and within normal limits.

These are some testers used in Power Factor testing.

The Doble M4000 is an Insulation analyzer that has an output capacity of 10 kiloVolts at 300 milliamperes. This tester is a favorite of many technicians because of its modular design. The optional modules help extend the capabilities of the M4000. One of the modules available for the M4000 is the Type C 10 kiloVolt Resonating Inductor. This extends the charging current of the M4000 to 12 kiloVolts without additional current draw. This lets you to save money because instead of buying a whole new tester, you just need to get the resonating inductor. The Type C resonation inductor is an iron-core reactor that allows you to adjust the air gap. The resonating capacitance is variable from 0.05 to 1 microFarads at 10 kiloVolts 60 Hertz.

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