Rent Circuit Breaker Test Set to Keep Systems Operational

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Did you know circuit breakers need to be regularly tested to ensure safety? A set schedule of maintenance and testing is vital to protecting critical systems and keeping them operating reliably. The circuit breaker test set supplies routine diagnostics using standard methods that allow for clear cut comparisons between scheduled testing periods. By keeping a running record of test performance, users will have a better understanding of whether a circuit breaker is operating effectively or needs to be replaced.

A circuit breaker timer and analyzer unit, such as the Doble TR-3100, is designed to provide regular analysis and maintenance of circuit breakers. It ensures that circuit breakers are operating correctly by measuring the time it takes for the contacts to travel from closed to open. With added software, users are able to record results over time to pinpoint and interpret diagnostic data as it is delivered during testing. Circuit breaker testing helps prevent electrical overloads that can lead to hazards and fires that could damage equipment and injure workers. 

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