Rent Battery Testing Equipment from Protec

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If you want to keep your electrical maintenance expenses down, renting battery testing equipment can help reduce the need for cash up front and preserve your capital for growing your business.  Rather than investing in the purchase of test equipment that often is used only 25% of the time for testing and measuring, using our equipment rental resources can be a fiscal strategy that results in getting the equipment your company needs without having to purchase and manage the hidden costs of ownership such as financing cost, storage, calibration, repair and maintenance.

 renting your battery and cable test equipment, you pay only a daily, weekly or monthly fee while we handle all the logistics of getting it delivered to your site and keeping it maintained, repaired and calibrated as necessary. And when you rent a piece of equipment from us, it won’t come to you dirty or in ill repair. You can expect that it will be shipped to you in like new condition, completely cleaned and repackaged for your use along with all cables, software or manuals, if any, that come with the unit. Also each piece of equipment will have an up to date calibration certificate provided at no additional charge so you know that from the moment it is received, the system is ready to use.

Get started with taking control of your expenses by renting your electrical test equipment from us. Our tech support and customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with your selection at 866.352.5550 or online at Protec Insider.