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Rent Astro-Med TMX-18 for High-Frequency Data Acquisition Recording

Astro-Med TMX-18 High-Speed Data Acquisition SystemThe Astro-Med TMX-18 High-Speed Data Acquisition System is a versatile, high-frequency data acquisition recording system that provides the capability to display, record, and review waveform data.

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Utilizing a touch-screen as the main user interface, the Astro-Med TMX-18 features customizable control buttons, providing the capability to modify the display based on the needs of the user or application.

Whether running a test for 100 milliseconds or 100 hours, the TMX-18 High-Speed Data Acquisition System won’t miss a glitch.  

With its dedicated, 1 TByte hard drive for data capture, the TMX-18 is ideal for long-term trending and high-speed event detection.

Each channel uses a separate 16 bit A/D for perfect data synchronization. Astro-Med’s powerful BackChannel technology ensures precise synchronization of analog, audio, video and data bus inputs. 

Astro-Med TMX-18 High-Speed Data Acquisition System features: 

  • 17″ LCD High-Resolution Touch Screen Display
  • 18 Channels of Voltage & DC Bridge Inputs
  • Dedicated 1 TByte Removeable Hard Drive for Data Capture
  • 800 kHz Sample Rate/Channel
  • 100 kHz Bandwidth

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