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Rent Accurate and Reliable Winding Resistance Meters from Protec

It is essential when choosing a winding resistance tester to get the most suitable tester for the needed application, and to know the capabilities of the device

Protec offers a wide selection of winding resistance meters that are accurate and reliable, providing high output current, automatic discharge and demagnetization for extra protection during diagnostics.

Raytech_WR14Raytech WR14 15 Amp Winding Resistance Meter

•  Charges inductive loads up to 1500 Henry

•  2 independent measuring channels
•  Heavy-duty protection circuitry
•  Simple touch screen operation
•  Data exchange with USB-Key
•  2 Temperature channel
•  High power DC Supply (15A/30V)
•  Fast Discharge unit
•  Discharge Indicator – visible and audible indicator for discharge status
 • Demagnetizing Circuit (world unique)
•  Emergency stop push button immediately turns off power and starts discharging
•  Internal Printer
•  Battery operated
•  Data Storage of up to 10000 measurements
•  Mounted in rugged case for field-testing

Raytech-WR50-12Raytech WR50-12 Two Channel Winding Resistance Test Set

• Touch screen UI
• Charge inductive loads up to 1500 Henry
• Data exchange through a USB drive
• Dual channels for resistance measurement and temperature
• 50 Amperes output
• Variable test voltage from 0 to 30 volts
• Demagnetizing circuit
• Discharge indicator
• Emergency stop button
• Built-in printer
• Internal storage that can store 10000 test results
• Can measure resistance from 0.00 Ohms up to 100 kiloOhms
• Battery operated
• USB and RS232 connectivity

Vanguard_TRM-403Vanguard TRM-403 Transformer Resistance Meter

Perform three phase test on a transformer without the need to switch cables

• Provides individual Delta winding resistance values

• Provides individual Wye (with no neutral) winding resistance values

• Demagnetize transformer after test

• Selectable test current from 1A to 40A

• Computer control via RS-232C, USB, or Bluetooth interface

• Built-in 2.5″ wide thermal printer


Omicron-CPC-100Omicron CPC 100 Multi-functional Primary Test System

Up to 800 A or 2000 V with up to 5 kVA over a frequency range of 15 Hz – 400 Hz or 400 A DC

• Excellent interference suppression facilitates measurement of small signals

• Easy to transport (just 29 kg) – Ideal for on-site testing

• Testing templates, automatically generated testing procedures and test reports

• Up to 2000 A or 12 kV through use of current or voltage amplifiers

Protec offers multiple locations to better serve your needs, and electrical testing equipment rental options that work for you.

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