Rent a Power Factor Test Set Instead of Buying If You Have Budget Limitations

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Diagnostic equipment can be expensive and difficult to maintain. If you need power factor testers for insulation diagnostics but have budget limitations, you might want to consider renting tools instead. This service allows you to keep your electrical system well maintained without the hefty price tag of test equipment. You only pay for a small fee to borrow these tools so you can conduct the necessary tests on your electrical facility.

The Doble M4000 is a pretty expensive test tool that you can actually rent from equipment providers. Most equipment providers offer this tester for rent at a fraction of its retail cost. Rental companies also recondition and recalibrate testers before sending them out. This ensures that you’ll be using equipment that’s fresh out of the box. 
Test equipment rental also frees you from the task of storing, maintaining and calibrating tools. All of these tasks are taken care of the equipment provider.

If you need a trusted equipment rental provider, Protec Equipment Resources is ready to supply your needs. We have a wide range of test equipment from brands like Doble, HV Inc, GE and more. You can reach a Protec representative at 1-866-352-5550 for questions or to request a quote.