Renowned Electrical Testing Equipment by Doble

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Doble testing is also known as power–factor testing and is an efficient method for field testing procedure. It helps in the early stage detection of any deterioration or bushing contamination. The best part is that it also detects any blips in a device’s functioning.

There are various tests that ensure smooth functioning of heavy machinery used in industries. These tests could be troubleshooting or diagnostic in nature, but they are of utmost importance and are a necessity at regular intervals. Doble is an established company in the field of electrical testing equipment.
secondary Injection Test Kit is an electrical equipment field testing kit that helps ensure smooth functioning of machinery by running diagnostics and other tests. It features accurate sine wave current and also has AC injection current. Apart from this, it also has auxiliary current outputs which are considered to be the best for both NC/ NO trip contacts for relays under test.
The Dranetz PX5 (Power Xploring PX5) is one of the most scientific and advanced features available in an electrical monitoring instrument. It features fast data capture and sampling abilities. The eight channel workhorse is equipped with capturing and characterizing thousands of parameters simultaneously with the help of a wide variety of customizable operating modes.